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What makes 4G the best rural broadband solution?

4G is the name given to frequencies used by mobile networks to transmit data over phone masts.

These are the signals used by today's smartphones to give you internet access when you're out and about, so there's no dependance on cables or wires.

But with the right equipment, 4G can also be used to provide speedy and reliable broadband to a single fixed location, like your home or business.

Best of all, 4G broadband can be supplied pretty much instantly and pretty much anywhere within the entire UK.

And that even includes locations where smartphones may only show a very weak or flaky 4G signal level.

Did you know?

4G is widely acknowledged as the best-performing and best value alternative broadband technology for
more remote or rural properties where fibre-based services either don't reach or don't perform adequately.

Here's how we bring fast 4G broadband to your property

4G coverage and speeds are improving all the time

4G coverage is increasing ever more widely, with around 99% of all UK properties already within range of the services we provide.

4G already offers broadband speeds averaging 25 Mbps download * to homes and businesses across the entire country.

* These are the latest independently audited average download speeds delivered across
the UK by the 4G broadband networks which we employ - as can be seen by clicking here.

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More about 4G broadband

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