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Will 4G broadband give me enough data?

With our service, the answer is a resounding yes!

Nowadays and particularly because of the popularity of TV on demand, the average UK household's monthly data usage is around 270GB. That's precisely why we have tailored all the monthly 4G broadband plans we offer to feature all the data you're ever likely to need.

We call our plans unlimited, because that is effectively what they are. There is a Fair Use Policy, but as that is set at well over double the average household's monthly usage, it's vanishingly unlikely that you'll ever run into this.

Are 4G broadband speeds always unrestricted?

With us, the answer is again categorically yes!

Some alternative broadband services (such as satellite broadband) will automatically throttle back the speed of their "unlimited” broadband services for the rest of the current month after you have used up just a small amount of what's called “priority data”. This can then reduce the speed of your broadband connection to a frustrating crawl.

With us, this just doesn't happen. All 4G broadband data is transmitted at the maximum speed available all of the time.

What about latency - what does this mean?

Latency is the time it takes to identify the internet resource you've requested and to respond. The natural latency level of a 4G-based broadband service is around 30 milliseconds.

Although ten times faster than satellite broadband, this is about twice the latency of traditional landline broadband - but it shouldn't noticeably affect anything you'd want to do online.

All internet-based activities (such as web browsing, email, streaming TV, downloading movies, online shopping etc) will still perform exactly as you'd both want and expect.

And what about 4G broadband for gaming?

In general, 4G broadband is great for online gaming.

However, if you're an avid online gamer playing real-time games where it's all about splitsecond feedback (like Call Of Duty), then the few extra milliseconds of latency you get with 4G broadband might not be completely ideal.

And although we've fully tested the most popular multi-player titles, because of the way 4G networks handle IP addresses, there may very rarely be issues with connecting to certain online multi-player games, depending on their connection protocols.

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