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We at 4G Internet have spent considerable time testing and selecting the 4G equipment that we supply. We've worked closely with some of the biggest brands in networking and antennas to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our 4G broadband customers.

High Gain Directional MiMo External 4G Antenna

At 4G Internet, our aim is always to deliver the highest performing and most stable broadband service possible to our customers. Which is exactly why – when necessary – we only supply and fit high-gain directional external 4G antennas.

There's a very good reason for this. Unlike weaker, lower specification solutions, the external 4G antennas we've chosen provide over three times more gain than standard units. And that leads to significantly improved broadband performance.

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Combined 4G Modem / Dual Band WiFi Router

At the heart of our 4G equipment set is a combined 4G modem and Dual Band WiFi router. This integrates all the functions of a 4G modem, capable of operating at up to 150 Mbps download speeds and a WiFi router to deliver wireless coverage at up to 300 Mbps around your property.

With its inbuilt 4G SIM card slot and offering several ethernet ports for wired connections as well as WiFi, our 4G router will have you up and running with fast, reliable 4G broadband in next to no time.

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Professional Installation & Service Set-Up

We’ve been installing alternative broadband solutions in some of the most rural and remote locations all across the UK for well over 15 years, so we truly are the rural broadband experts.

We have already got fully trained and professional installation resources in place to cover the entire country - including all of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as England. And that’s why we can typically get you installed with fast 4G broadband within just a week or so.

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