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animation showing how Deco Mesh WiFi works

You may find, depending on the size or construction of your property or the location of your 4G router, that you can't get a fast or stable WiFi signal throughout the entire building.

If so - don't worry! We have the perfect tried and tested solution from TP Link, global leaders in home networking - their very clever Deco Mesh WiFi system.

Deco units automatically communicate with each other wirelessly, creating a meshed network to flood your whole home or office with WiFi signal.

And if you're moving around your property with an online device such as a smartphone or tablet, your connection will seamlessly switch from unit to unit, giving you the most reliable and speediest WiFi connection at all times.

So what does Deco Mesh WiFi technology do?

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Whole home WiFi coverage

Seamless roaming for fast speeds

Easily expandable with more units

Handles up to 100 devices

Parental controls

Control with the Deco mobile app

TP Link Deco E4 Mesh WiFi Packs

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Two Pack

Up to 2400 sq ft WiFi coverage

£85 inc VAT

Three Pack

Up to 4000 sq ft WiFi coverage

£115 inc VAT

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