What real customers think - don't just take our word for it!

Take a look at what actual users of our service are saying

Here at 4G Internet, we’ve always known that that our 4G broadband services would make a real difference to those who've been suffering with slow broadband speeds. However, we also know that there’s no substitute for real-world feedback from actual customers.

So we very recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey across a wide-ranging selection of both our home and business subscribers. Here’s just some of what they actually told us… and entirely in their own words.

  • Everything is brilliant, fantastic, like the difference between night and day. It’s sooo much less stress!Mr. C - East Ayrshire
  • This is dramatically better - in fact life-changing, especially with kids in the property.Mrs. P - Kent
  • You have provided me with the broadband service that no one else could.Ms. I - Mid Lothian
  • This is very definitely a much faster connection than we've ever been able to get in our rural location.Ms. N - Monmouthshire
  • I can now watch catch-up TV and use streaming services. Also, because my partner works from home, this has made a huge difference.Mr. L - Worcestershire
  • It’s given us fibre speed broadband in the middle of nowhere… so this is great!Mr. C - Scottish Borders
  • Your 4G broadband service has literally made a massive difference to us.Mr. H - Northumberland
  • This has allowed us to connect to the internet in a way we couldn’t before and with exceptional speeds just like normal broadband.Mr. C - Dundee
  • It's made me much better-tempered when using my computer at home because everything's so much faster.Mr. B - Cumbria
  • It's enabled us to have our office. Without it, we simply couldn't have the office running.Mr. M - Fife
  • The good thing is we can now stream and watch online services with no issues. Excellent speeds.Mrs. W - Kent
  • It's so useful to have 4G broadband, specifically for work and downloads. It's so much quicker that we can now complete work much more efficiently.Mr. R - Aberdeenshire
  • It's been fantastic - just great!Mr. M - West Sussex
  • Incredibly satisfactory!Mrs. H - County Fermanagh
  • Finally! Great internet!Mrs. H - Lancashire

In fact, 100% of those responding rated their overall experience of 4G Internet as their broadband service provider as fair (14%), good (65%) or excellent (21%).

Again, 96% of those responding told us that our 4G broadband service either met (69%), bettered (23%) or greatly exceeded (4%) their expectations.

Finally, 93% of those responding stated that they either definitely would (83%) or were very likely to (10%) recommend our 4G broadband services to a friend or neighbour. In fact, 32% are so pleased with the major benefits that our 4G broadband service has brought them that they already have.

Want more in-depth information about the real difference our 4G broadband has made to people? We've got a couple of real-world case studies that you can read about by clicking here.

Are you held back by slow broadband where you live? There's now an answer, as those above already know.

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