Using 4G home or office broadband

4G broadband does have some slight differences...

...but it's already available to over 98% of all UK properties and it's deployable almost immediately - so you don't have to wait for fast broadband any longer.

Here's everything you need to know about using 4G broadband where fibre doesn't reach. Just click on any topic below to learn more.

Although we do still offer a low-cost and low usage monthly plan for those only requiring the very lightest of Internet access, the vast majority (95%+) of our customers choose an Unlimited monthly data plan, because this type of tariff is now priced so competitively and offers such incredible value for money.

And when we say Unlimited, that is exactly what we mean – with our Unlimited 4G broadband plans, there are absolutely no hidden data caps or restrictions of any kind.

Some other alternative broadband services (such as satellite-delivered broadband) automatically throttle back the speed of your allegedly “unlimited” broadband service for the rest of the current month after you have used up a small amount of so-called “priority data”. Doing this can reduce the speed of your broadband connection to a very frustrating crawl.

With the 4G broadband plans we supply, this simply does not happen. All data is transmitted at the maximum available speed all of the time.

Please remember that a 4G broadband connection is going to be fast - and almost certainly a lot faster than you'll have been used to. So once connected to our 4G broadband service, you will have the ability to get through and consume much more data. Data-hungry applications and activities include:-

  • On demand or streamed TV and movies
  • Heavy Internet usage by younger people
  • Downloading console or PC games
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic file and folder back-ups and synchronisation
  • Your particular Windows 10 update permission settings

With the true Unlimited monthly data plans that we now offer, this shouldn’t prove to be a problem at all, but it’s worth being aware of. And if you do want to keep a close eye on things, the 4G routers we supply all feature data usage monitoring, so you can very quickly check how much data your connection has used within the current month at any time.

Of course, also don’t forget that our technical helpdesk is available to answer any of your questions at literally any time of the day or night.

4G connectivity is improving all the time in terms of both speeds and responsiveness, but current latency levels (the time it takes the service to identify what Internet resource you've asked for and respond) are around 40-50 milliseconds.

This is about twice the latency of a landline ADSL or fibre-based service – however, this shouldn't really affect anything you might want to do online.

It is feasible that, if you're an avid online gamer playing games where genuinely "split second" real-time feedback is preferable (such as Call Of Duty, for example), the extra few milliseconds of latency inherent in a 4G broadband connection might not be completely ideal. And although we've fully tested the most popular multi-player titles (Call Of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA etc), because of the way 4G networks handle IP addressing, there also may be issues with connecting to and playing certain online multi-player games, depending on how their individual connection protocols function.

However, any other Internet-based activities (eg web-browsing, email, streaming TV, downloading movies, online shopping etc) should perform exactly as you’d both want and expect.

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