4G Internet Recommend A Neighbour Promotion

Terms and Conditions – Sept 2018

A Recommender shall mean an existing customer with an active 4G Internet Vodafone or EE subscription.

A Recommended Party shall mean a person who has the 4G Internet service recommended to him or her by a Recommender.

A Recommendation means a Recommended Party signing up to be supplied with 4G Internet’s broadband services as a direct result of having been recommended by a Recommender.

For a successful Recommendation to be considered as having taken place, all of the following conditions will need to have been met:-

  • The Recommended Party’s contact details must have been registered on the relevant webform before the Recommended Party gets in touch with 4G Internet or vice versa.
  • The Recommended Party must place an order directly with 4G Internet’s dedicated Recommendation Team in order for the Recommender to become eligible for the reward.
  • 4G Internet will only accept the email address as associated with the Recommender’s 4G Internet account as sufficient information with which to identify Recommender.
  • All payments due from the Recommended Party for getting set up and started with 4G Internet’s broadband service must have been received, the Recommended Party’s 4G broadband account must have been activated and the Recommended Party must stay as a subscriber to 4G Internet’s broadband service for at least 14 days after his/her service is started.

4G Internet will not accept any Recommender details being supplied after a Recommended Party has either got in contact or been contacted by 4G Internet - contact information must have been provided prior to any such contact.

After it has been established by 4G Internet at its sole discretion that the conditions detailed above have been met in their entirety, applicable rewards will then be issued by email to the Recommender.

Rewards shall be paid out in the following manner:-

  • A £30 Amazon e-voucher to the Recommender per successful Recommendation

These are online vouchers redeemable against purchases made at www.amazon.co.uk.

Rewards shall be emailed to the Recommender on the first working day of the month following the first 14 days of usage of the service by the Recommended Party.

There is no cash alternative nor any other alternative available under any circumstances.

There is no limit on how many vouchers a Recommender can earn.

Rewards shall be withheld, should there be reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity.

This offer shall not apply, if the Recommended Party is a customer who already has or who has ever had an account with 4G Internet.

Both new and existing customers are eligible to be Recommenders under the terms of this promotion

4G Internet fully reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time, after which no future vouchers will be provided, or to alter the terms of this promotion at any time. Details of any changes will be made available here on our website.

©2018 4G Internet

Ref: RAN_2018_09 10th Sep 2018