Can you get fast 4G broadband for your UK home or business internet connection?

Checking is simple! Just click on either of the coverage checkers below, then enter your full postcode.

If your UK property is shown as having 4G coverage of any sort on either map that is displayed, then we at 4G Internet almost certainly will be able to supply you with fast, reliable and cost-effective 4G broadband.

And please note that's even if your location is shown as having "outdoors only" coverage!

That's because (unlike other service providers) we only supply and fit a high-gain and directional external 4G antenna that latches onto available outdoor 4G signals, amplifies them and then feeds them on to the 4G modem/router we'll install inside your property.

And don't forget that, if you're eligible for a Government Better Broadband subsidy, you won't have to pay anything at all towards equipment, installation and account set-up costs! Find out more about Government broadband subsidy schemes and how you apply.

How fast and reliable is 4G broadband from us at 4G Internet? See what actual users of our service are saying - and in their own words.

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