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General information on the BDUK Better Broadband Voucher Scheme

Slow broadband where you live or work? You could get set up with fast 4G broadband entirely free of charge!


Read on for more about the Better Broadband Voucher Scheme or give us a call on 03333 447700 and we'll be happy to explain.

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As everyone by now knows, slow broadband speeds can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately help is available.

The UK Government's Better Broadband Voucher Scheme is in place to help cover the costs of providing an affordable, faster broadband connection to homes and businesses that are unable to access a broadband service with a download speed of at least 2 Mbps and who will not benefit from the superfast broadband roll out within the next 12 months.

Since its launch in December 2015, the scheme has boosted the broadband speeds of more than 20,000 homes and businesses in some of the hardest to reach areas of the UK.

The Better Broadband Voucher Scheme will cover or contribute towards the costs of installing improved 4G-, wireless- or satellite-delivered broadband for all businesses and homes that meet the above criteria. With a subsidy value of up to £350 for each eligible home and business, the scheme is part of the government's plans to get the whole country better connected.

Households and businesses that are eligible to take advantage of the scheme will have the installation and hardware costs of their connection subsidised. This ensures that - if they wish to select it - they will be able to access a broadband service providing a monthly data allowance of at least 10GB and running at speeds of at least 10 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload at a total first year cost to them of no more than £400 all-in.

However, if they so wish, successful home and business applicants may choose a higher cost monthly broadband plan which provides more than the above stated minimum criteria.

The BDUK Better Broadband Voucher Scheme has now re-opened for applications and will run until the end of 2019.

Please note that applying for or being awarded a Better Broadband Voucher will not prevent your premises from being considered for a superfast or even a gigabit broadband upgrade in the future.

For full details on how we can help you find out if you are eligible and how your application is made, please click here.

You should next decide what type of broadband service - 4G mobile, fixed wireless or satellite - you would ideally like.

The UK government has some very useful advice on the various types of broadband service which you can find here. As you'll see, it has this to say about 4G mobile broadband:-

"Mobile broadband is often described as being the only real alternative to fixed line services because it has the advantage of being both affordable and widely available, from almost anywhere, to a significant portion of the UK population."

We at 4G Internet entirely agree. As our many very happy customers all around the UK already know, in the vast majority of cases 4G broadband is by far the most viable alternative for homes and businesses that don't have access to fibre-based landline broadband.

In short, 4G broadband offers better value, faster performance, bigger data allowances and higher reliability than other alternative broadband delivery technologies.

The BDUK Better Broadband Voucher Scheme now requires that all applications for a voucher are made by suppliers registered under the scheme on behalf of applicants, so you next need to choose which registered broadband supplier you are going to apply through..

To help you choose a registered supplier, BDUK has a very simple webpage that can be found here. Once you've popped in your postcode, this will give you a list of all suppliers registered under the Better Broadband subsidy scheme that can provide a suitably fast broadband service at your location. You're bound to see our name come up, because we operate on a full nationwide basis.

Once you've decided upon the registered supplier you wish to use - and hopefully, what with our long experience of having brought fast, reliable and great value broadband to thousands of satisfied customers in some of the most rural UK locations, you'll choose us - get in contact, discuss what would be the best monthly plan for your broadband needs and we will then apply to BDUK on your behalf.

Click here to get that quick and easy 5 step application process started with us.

We at 4G Internet are very proud to have been a fully Registered Supplier to the Better Broadband Voucher Scheme from the day of its launch. What's more, we operate on a complete nationwide basis and so we're able to provide a wide choice of eligible 4G broadband packages for your home or business pretty much wherever you are.

We have already provided thousands of homes and businesses in more rural and remote locations with access to fast, reliable broadband delivered over the 4G network. We're true experts in bridging the so-called "digital divide" throughout the UK and bringing high quality affordable 4G connectivity to broadband-starved premises wherever fibre doesn't reach.

Choose us as your supplier under the Better Broadband Voucher Scheme and you won't have to pay anything at all to get set up and started on our 4G broadband service. That's a direct saving to you of £395!

This is because the entire costs of supplying, installing and setting up a small but high gain external 4G antenna and internal 4G modem will be covered by government subsidy, so all you'll need to pay is the ongoing monthly charge for your choice of account. What's more, the 4G modem we supply is also a fully functional dual band wireless-enabled router, so you'll get great WiFi capability at your premises as well!

Even better news... because the broadband services we offer are delivered over 4G, we're able to provide a fast and reliable connection to an ever-growing number of locations across the entire UK and what's more, get your new 4G connection up and running within just a couple of weeks or so!

The BDUK Better Broadband Voucher Scheme is available to any residential or commercial property with current broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps broadband speed across the entire UK, with the exception of Wales.

The Welsh Assembly is running its own separate subsidy scheme called Access Broadband Cymru with identical objectives. For information on this, please visit our dedicated Wales ABC Subsidy Scheme page.

The normal costs of getting set up and started with 4G broadband are around £400... but if your home or business property qualifies for a Better Broadband voucher, then getting you quickly up and running on our fast and reliable 4G broadband service will be entirely free of any charge.

That's right. If you're eligible, then all aspects of initial set-up with 4G broadband - equipment, professional installation and activation of your account - will not cost you anything at all.

Our professional installers will fit a small triple strength high gain external 4G antenna to the outside of your property to ensure that you get the best possible 4G signal reception and thus optimum performance of the service.

And what's more, the 4G modem/router that will be fully set up and installed also provides dual band WiFi functionality - so you can share your new 4G connection across multiple WiFi enabled devices within your property.

To summarise:-

  • All equipment? Absolutely free!
  • Account activation? Again... absolutely free!
  • Professional installation? You guessed it... absolutely free!

The only payment you'll need to make will be the monthly charge for your choice of 4G broadband package. These start from as little as £32.00 inc VAT per month for domestic users and under £27.00 plus VAT per month for business users.

** Please note that the offer of installation does not give the applicant any right to specify a mounting location for the external 4G antenna. Although applicants' preferences will of course be taken into account wherever feasible, we will decide upon and offer a location for antenna mounting at our sole discretion and based solely upon delivering the optimum performance in order to meet mandatory Government Subsidy Scheme criteria. Government funding will specifically not cover any additional costs involved in a more expensive or lower performance installation location that is being requested on grounds of either aesthetics or convenience.

** Please also note that you will not own the equipment being provided under the BDUK Better Broadband Scheme, since the capital cost of the equipment provided in order for you to be able to receive the service is being fully funded by government subsidy. Should you subsequently move from the property, you will need to leave all supplied and subsidised equipment behind for the potential benefit and use of any future occupant.

The simple answer is... almost certainly YES!

This is because we at 4G Internet offer 4G broadband plans backed by both Three, Vodafone and EE, the three market-leading mobile network operators in the UK - who between them already cover over 98% of all home and business properties within the UK with 4G broadband.

So it is extremely likely that, no matter where you are within the entire UK, your location already has sufficient 4G signal coverage.

However to be entirely sure, just get in contact with us - either by phone on 03333 447700 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and let us know your full seven digit postcode. We'll be able to check exact coverage levels wherever you are and let you know the results.

And you don't even need to worry if your smartphone only has flaky 4G reception - or even if it can't pick up 4G at all. What makes all the difference is that we fit a high gain directional external 4G antenna, which latches onto the strongest available 4G signal outdoors, amplifies it and then pipes it from outside to in. We have numerous customers happily using our 4G broadband services, even though they initially thought their location was in a 4G signal dead spot.

4G coverage is being extended quite literally week by week, so even if your location is not covered right at this moment, it's well worth checking back with us on a very regular basis.

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