Learn about Satellite Internet

Not yet covered by our 4G Internet service? Don't despair!

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Even if your location doesn't currently fall under our 4G broadband coverage, fortunately there are other solutions available for you to consider.

Our sister division Satellite Internet has thousands of satisfied domestic and business customers across the length and breadth of the country. It has been operating for well over 15 years bringing broadband connectivity delivered over satellite to some of the most challenging, remote and rural locations in the UK.

The beauty about broadband delivered over satellite is that it can quickly be set up and installed quite literally anywhere, provided that at the required location there's a clear line of sight to the southern sky.

More good news - our Satellite Internet division is equally fully approved as a supplier to all existing regional and central Government Better Broadband subsidy schemes currently running within the UK - so you can just as easily use your government subsidy with them.

To visit our Satellite Internet website and see what alternative solutions to your connectivity needs may already be available, please click on the button below.