How does 4G Internet work?

A 4G internet service is available in an ever-growing number of locations and it's deployable almost immediately!

Here's how broadband delivered over 4G works, together with some information on the equipment you'll need to receive the service.

4G signals are transmitted by mobile phone networks over cell towers, which are connected to the wider internet. These are the same signals used by today's smartphones to give you internet access on your mobile phone when you're out and about. However, it's not just about mobile phones...

Provided that your property is in an area with good 4G signal strength - and 4G coverage is being widened quite literally every week - with the right equipment, you can also use the 4G network to access a fast and robust broadband service at your home or business for PCs, Macs or any internet-connected device. Here's how...

diagram showing how 4g internet works

In order for you to receive our 4G internet service at your property, we'll fit a small (25cm x 25cm x 8cm) external 4G antenna ① to a suitably facing outside wall.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE - unlike other providers, we only specify a triple strength high gain antenna to ensure that you'll get the highest performance and most robust 4G broadband service delivered to your property.

The external 4G antenna is is then cabled into a combined 4G modem/Wifi router ② inside your premises - please note that the maximum length of cable between the external antenna and internal modem/router must not exceed 5 metres.

Once the antenna has been installed and cabled up, all that's then necessary is for the SIM card we will provide you with to be inserted into the rear of the modem/router and within a few minutes you'll be online.

The reason we fit an external antenna is to ensure that you'll get the strongest 4G reception and so the best possible performance. This means that you'll get a good level of service inside your property even if the 4G networks' coverage checkers only report "outdoor coverage only" at your location. What our external antenna effectively does is to receive the outdoor 4G signal, amplify it and then pipe it to the 4G modem/router we'd fit inside your property.

However in certain locations, it may be that the 4G modem/Wifi router is more than sufficient by itself to provide good reception. If so, this will dramatically reduce any start-up costs by more than half - from £380 inc VAT to only £150 inc VAT!

Please note that the installation of an external 4G antenna is mandatory if equipment is supplied under any Government subsidy scheme, but all equipment, installation and set up would be entirely free.

The internal modem/router we supply offers 4 ethernet ports for cabled connections, plus it also broadcasts your internet connection wirelessly over WiFi within your property. And if you need to extend internet coverage within your premises, we have efficient and cost-effective solutions for this as well. Just click here to find out more or why not give us a call on 03333 447700... we'll be happy to talk things through with you.

Of course, 4G internet is bound to be a little different from traditional terrestrial broadband services - please click here to find out more.

And if you'd like more detail on the equipment we provide and install at our customers' premises, or to see a full breakdown of the start-up costs involved in getting on our 4G broadband service, please click here.